Hyphen Book System

Hyphen Book System is the Hyphen-Italia solution for multi-channel publishing of any type of publication. It allows easy and effective cross-media porting of traditional print publications into media-rich interactive versions that can be browsed with a wide variety of platforms and devices.

Hyphen Book System (HBS) functions:

  • Automatic conversion of the publication’s PDF into the corresponding HBS interactive digital formats suitable for the intended output channels/platforms
  • On-line multi-channel distribution of the publication (web & web-app versions)
  • Publication enhancement functions for the addition of video, image galleries, web links and other interactive functions and visual effects
  • Publication AppKiosk for the iOS and Android platforms featuring off-line browsing of the HBS publication in public or enterprise mode
  • Publication portal for the management of the publications and their user access (subscribers). It features subscription management supported with e-mail campaign functionality.
  • e-Commerce module for on-line purchasing of subscriptions or individual issues of the publications.
  • User profile management module featuring controlled distribution of publications based on user category
Standard modulesOptional Add-onsDeployment options
On-line Viewer Cross-platform & multi-channel interactive HBS publication viewer
PDF conversion module Publication's PDF conversion module for the conversion of the publication into the intended interactive digital formats
Publication portal For the management of the publications and their subscribers
App Kiosk iOS Offline access of HBS publications on iOS devices
App Kiosk Android Offline access of HBS publications on Android devices
In House
In House installation The complete solution, both hardware and software components, will be installed at the designated client location at a third party data center of client choice.
Cloud based Software as a Service purchasing option - The solution's services will be accessible to all authorized client users through the Internet


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