Chalco.ProductMasterData is the solution empowering corporations and brand-owners with functions and services to collect, organize, manage and deliver product visual and text content to all channels and digital platforms for eCommerce and product marketing and promotion across media.

ChalcoProductMasterData functions:

  • Product data import from back-end solutions such as ERP, PLM, PIM and PDM platforms and systems
  • Definition and setup of comprehensive product catalog category structures
  • Product copy translation management functions
  • Management of multiple product’s descriptions and specifications versions based on requirements such as output channel, language, market, etc.
  • Management of product’s statuses such as: availability, discontinued, out-of-stock, recall, and othersĀ 
  • Automatic management of product category assignment, filtering and reclassification based on data input and media output critera
  • Product’s marketing content approval management for both text and visual content
  • Product’s marketing asset linking functions: link/relation between the product’s video and image content and its data
  • Bi-directional product data synchronization (round-trip) to/from back-end systems such as ERP, PLM, PIM and PDM platforms and systems


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