ChalcoPOSportal is the solution offering on-line personalization and distribution for Point of Sale collaterals with centralized control of the brand identity and approval of personalized content.

ChalcoPOSportal functions:

  • Search, view, select/request and download brand approved campaign’s collaterals
  • Centralized control and management of corporate and brand identity for all collaterals.
  • Centralized control and management of all promotional campaign activities
  • On-line ordering of brand approved campaign collaterals
  • Easy to use on-line personalization of campaign collateral for the point of sale
  • On-line dynamic layout function for ad/collateral re-sizing according to brand defined settings.
  • On-line ordering function for video, apps and other interactive content personalization.
  • On-line reports and analytics on campaign collateral ordering and usage
Standard modulesOptional Add-onsDeployment optionsIntegration Services
E-Procurement module On-line e-procurement service for point of sale ordering/request for campaign collaterals. It features powerful back-end functions to manage order fulfillment and tracking capabilities
DAM module The core digital asset management module of
Dynamic Layout module Campaign's master Ad/Collateral layout re-sizing featuring pre-set adaptation of the layout graphics to preserve brand integrity and the Ad/Collateral content visual properties
Dynamic Publishing module On-line personalization module for campaign collaterals
One2One Campaign module One2One email campaign management module
In House
In House installation The complete solution, both hardware and software components, will be installed at the designated client location or at a third party data center of client choice
Cloud based Software as a Service purchasing option - The solution's services will be accessible to all authorized client users through the Internet
Integrazione con Gestionali Aziendali
ERP Platforms Bi-directional data exchange with a variety of ERP platforms and solutions including SAP, AS400, MS Dynamics ERP
Mobile ChalcoPOSPortal can be setup to format and deliver content to a variety of mobile platforms and devices


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