Chalco.PackagingPortal is the solution for packaging brand management, design and premedia production. It offers functions and services supporting all facets and activities of a product packaging life-cycle management and production supply chain. This includes packaging copy content management, packaging design and production as well as tracking of packaging printing, shipping and post production activities. ChalcoPackagingPortal provides functions and services to all roles and functions of the packaging life-cycle supply-chain.

ChalcoPackagingPortal functions:

  • Importing of product data relevant to packaging production from your existing PLM or PDM system
  • Enter, edit, review and approve all digital content (text and images) for the packaging components  artwork through the Chalco.ProductView interface
  • Manage and track packaging projects in real-time through the project’s dashboard 
  • On-line approval for product photography and packaging artwork
  • Manage brand integrity and compliancy to regulations for all packaging artwork
Standard modulesOptional Add-onsDeployment optionsIntegration Services
Chalco.ProductView The product data-sheet user interface, offering the product assets and data management functions
DAM module The core digital asset management module of
Chalco.ProductView Pro The complete product data-sheet user interface, offering the product assets and data management functions
Cloud based Software as a Service purchasing option - The solution's services will be accessible to all authorized client users through the Internet
In House
In House installation The complete solution, both hardware and software components, will be installed at the designated client location or at a third party data center of client choice
Third party applications ChalcoPackagingPortal can be integrated with a number of Third Party applications and systems that are used for packaging production such as: the Adobe Creative Suite, Esko packaging applications, Dalim packaging applications
Integrazione con Gestionali Aziendali
ERP Platforms ChalcoPackagingPortal can be configured for bi-directional data exchange with a variety of ERP platforms and solutions including SAP, AS400, MS Dynamics ERP


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