Chalco.BrandHeritage is the solution for physical and digital assets structured data archiving.
It provides services and functions to organize and manage digital archives of physical items such as products or museum artifacts of any kind. Chalco.BrandHeritage easily integrates with a variety of specialized archiving systems and technologies that are tailored to specific vertical markets. Moreover, Chalco.BrandHeritage is available in several customized configurations to address the needs of vertical markets such as: the fashion, luxury, consumer product design or the textile industries or the art market.

ChalcoBrandHeritage functions:

  • Powerful and flexible cataloging and metadata management functions to manage databasing and archiving for all type of digital and physical assets
  • Interfacing to a variety of scanning and digital camera systems
  • Data integration support for back-end systems, CMS systems and external data sources
  • Support for automated DVD libraries and other data storage automation systems
  • Asset tag management functions
  • RFID system integration module
  • Powerful & versatile search functions supported by asset views customization to fit all user roles data access needs
  • Support and integration for third party front-end systems
  • e-Procurement module supporting check-in and check-out functions for physical assets
Standard modulesOptional Add-onsDeployment optionsIntegration Services
Data export module Export search results into common output formats such as MS Excel, HTML, etc.
Chalco.ProductView The product data-sheet user interface, offering the product assets and data management functions
DAM module The core digital asset management module of
Temera Fashion Archive Front-end solution providing web-based asset searching, viewing and check-out/check-in functions that are tailored for specific client's back-ends and/or intranet/portal environments
Pincushion Web based platform offering Building Management and Access Control services for building and surroundings of office environments and manufacturing sites
E-Procurement module On-line e-procurement service for point of sale ordering/request for campaign collaterals. It features powerful back-end functions to manage order fulfillment and tracking capabilities
Generazione LookBook
Lookbook module Creates Lookbook PDF documents through branded templates of a product's list selected by the user
HSL Photography & product marketing automation for eCommerce and product promotion on any digital media
Chalco.VideoWorkflow Video content accessed from the product data-sheet user interface can be played, reviewed, tagged and annotated and approved. It also offers function for automatic video content re-sizing, format conversion, and delivery to data streaming output channels
In House
In House installation The complete solution, both hardware and software components, will be installed at the designated client location or at a third party data center of client choice
Cloud based Software as a Service purchasing option - The solution's services will be accessible to all authorized client users through the Internet
CMS ChalcoBrandHeritage can be setup to format and deliver content to a variety of Content Management Systems and platforms
Integrazione con Gestionali Aziendali
ERP Platforms Bi-directional data exchange with a variety of ERP platforms and solutions including SAP, AS400, MS Dynamics ERP
Mobile ChalcoBrandHeritage can be setup to format and deliver content to a variety of mobile platforms and devices
Gestionali Prodotto
PLM & PDM Systems Bi-directional data exchange with a variety of PLM & PDM systems and solutions


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