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Hyphen-Italia, with its Digital Asset & Content Management platform, has been serving large general merchandise retailers as well as other brick & mortar retail chains and on-line retailers for many years.

Multi-channel communication has dramatically changed product marketing and sales for large and small retailers in virtually any market category.

We have gradually expanded the functions and services of our solutions for retailers to fully automate and streamline the creation, management and multi-channel delivery of product marketing content through catalogs, promotional sale flyers, inserts, lookbooks, product sheets and many other product marketing e-catalogs, web promotions and print materials.

Our solutions for retailers provide flexibility and efficiency while allowing for a great deal of versatility and custom configuration to adapt to any company environment. In simple terms, they guarantee process improvement and return on investment in reducing operation costs and improving quality and time to market for your product marketing and promotional sales.

Specifically, through their Product Master Data functionality, the solutions allow for very efficient content management of all product marketing data and digital assets, facilitating a truly efficient multi-channel dissemination of your product marketing and promotional sales content across all media.