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Ever since its beginning in 1998, Hyphen-Italia has developed its Digital Asset & Content Management platform to address the evolving needs of brand and product marketing communication of its clients in the Fashion & Luxury industries.

As the web and digital media communication channels are of great relevance in the relationship between the brand and its consumer base, the adoption of a state of the art Brand Asset Management solution like our platform has become a primary strategic need for national and global brands of the Fashion & Luxury market. empowers our clients with the tools they need to execute a truly innovative brand communication and sales strategy across all digital media in the multi-facet B2C and B2B marketplace. solutions support the brand communication and sales processes by streamlining the creation, management and delivery of brand communication and sale promotion content across media. assists all roles of the client's content-to-media supply chain in eliminating redundancy of activities and re-work of digital content.