MULTI-YEAR EXPERIENCE is Hyphen-Italia’s flagship software platform. Since 1998, Hyphen-Italia has designed and developed IT solutions, systems and software applications for Corporate, Brand and Product marketing communication as well as the publishing market. We provide content to media solutions to leading international brands in a variety of market sectors, including the fashion, luxury, interior design and home decor industries as well as the retail market. We direct our attention to all the players involved in the communication, promotion and multi-channel selling processes. We partner with our clients IT teams, supporting them throughout the design, planning and execution of projects and we assist our clients with our market-specific business practice and process expertise of the Corporate, Brand and Product marketing communication as well as our deep knowledge of its players.


Our solutions manage the Product Marketing Master Data building, editing and delivery, with special attention to the photographic process and its interaction with e-commerce and multi-channel communication. The Hyphen-Italia platform can be integrated with the leading ERP, PLM and PDM systems and applications. Pertinent product data can be collected and transferred to/from the Product Database’s product marketing master data record. From there, manages the life-cycle of your products marketing content, from concept through editing and approval to distribution to the intended media. Our offer combines innovative IT knowledge, software development, and market-specific business practice and process expertise along with the adoption of our unique business approach and project implementation methodologies.

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