digital asset & content manager

Chalco.net is a Hyphen-Italia solution empowering brand-owners with functions and services to organize, manage and distribute all brand assets and digital content supporting multi channel marketing communication and sales.

Combining Chalco.net applications and modules Hyphen-Italia builds comprehensive content-to-media solutions for a variety of market verticals, addressing the needs of brand communication, product marketing and e-commerce.

Corporate and brand communication

Chalco.net solutions for brand digital asset management

The Chalco.net solutions for corporate and brand communication support the creation, design, editing, formatting and distribution of brand and marketing communication across media.

Product marketing communication

Chalco.net solutions for multi channel product marketing and promotional sales

The Chalco.net solutions for product marketing communication support all facets of the creation, design and distribution of catalogs, promotional sale flyers, web promotions and point-of-sales collateral across media, including the collection, editing, approval and management of all visual and text content for your products marketing.


Chalco.net content to media solutions for e-Commerce

The Chalco.net solutions for e-Commerce applications support the complete automation of product photography along with the population and management of the product marketing master data database, from which up-to-date product data and visual content is published to B2B and/or B2C e-commerce applications and other digital media.


Chalco.net solutions facilitate and automate brand and product digital content re-use and re-purposing across multiple media and promotional and sale channels, thus reducing process redundancy and unnecessary manual re-work of digital content.

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Photography and product marketing communication automation

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Multi channel publishing solutions

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